Fourth Year | First Semester Project


The project stemmed from a studio titled "Color without Theory." In essence, avoiding seeing color in the context of Color Theory and, instead, using color as a generator of architectural qualities. In Auras, color is the producer of sensorial qualities by controlling tonality, lighting, and density within this designed space. The open-air pavilion stands at 20ft tall and roughly 28 by 28 feet.

In order for color to manifest physically, it is applied by infusing it into a special mix of concrete aggregate. This aggregate allows for translucency within the walls and roof, which is where the project's larger focus is. This envelope, when hit by varying intensities of sunlight and shading, engulfs the space with soft auras. These auras, or glowing figures, dance around the space as time moves on. The interior is designed with slow-moving ramps which encourage the circulation to engage further with the envelope of the structure. Ultimately, Auras is a small pavilion which encourages glowing, ecstatic auras to immerse the users and enhance the qualities of color through these variances in light and tones.