• Omar Garcia

Student Architect Podcast to Blogging

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

With the creation of my podcast, Student Architect, I will also be creating blog posts to add on to some of the info I wasn't able to fit in to the episode, behind-the-scenes stuff such as extra video footage, interviews, and more! Here's a bit of me talking about how I've structured my podcast content.

Since the first episode of Student Architect, I've been focusing on finding two seemingly

unrelated concepts, items, and so forth, to create a bit of confusion and a bit more of interest. Even I get excited about what I'm about to uncover and how I'll end up connecting the two topics to create something new, something from totally different ideas. Plus, architecture is tied directly to history, culture, human psychology and human evolution. It's fun to challenge myself to find these connections. When it comes to architecture, it is an organism attached to everything we have ever done. Therefore, I have made it my job on the podcast to find it in the shadows of our collective consciousness. You may say, I am analyzing our built world, and demonstrating these pieces and their connections through this audio/visual language.

Don't forget! The podcast also has a video component which can be found on Youtube. I try to create as much of the footage as I can, but, thankfully, there's a ton of reusable footage online. I can only travel so far with my limited budget and time!

Thanks for reading this and I hope you'll subscribe and become a part of this community I'm building. Connect with me on my social media accounts as well!