Why Hire a Landscaping Expert?

A good landscaping expert knows the ins and outs of yard maintenance. They are particular about their craft and can provide real insight into your project. Ask for references from previous clients before you hire someone. This way, you can avoid minor snafus during the project.

LandscapingA landscape designer can help you create a design that will work best for your property. Landscaping Harrisburg PA thoroughly understands different products, including turf, hardscape, and lighting design. They can help you choose which products will work well together and recommend which plants and nursery stock types would be most suitable for your project.

Landscaping experts can also serve as expert witnesses for cases involving landscaping and horticulture. These experts often testify in cases involving property disputes, construction defects, environmental impact assessments, and personal injury claims related to landscaping or horticulture. You can find a landscaping or horticulture expert witness by narrowing your search to the Professionals section on Houzz. This website features photos, reviews, and contact information of professionals.


Installing the landscape designs you have created is one of the main tasks that landscaping experts perform. They will lay out a plan to accomplish your goals, including a timeline and cost estimate. Some companies may not give complete pricing information due to the variables in a job, but they should provide a general idea of how much your project will cost.

Some parts of the landscape require specialized equipment or knowledge to install correctly. For example, installing an outdoor kitchen or fire pit requires the proper tools to ensure a safe and stable installation. Landscaping experts will have access to these tools and have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete the task safely and efficiently.

Getting your yard into shape is often a large undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Having a clear plan and pacing yourself will help make the process less stressful and more fun. Keeping your projects organized will also help you stay on track and avoid missing any vital steps.

Proper pruning of plants and trees is essential to maintain their health and appearance. It is also a good way to promote new growth, reduce disease, and improve air quality. Landscape professionals have the training and experience to know which techniques will work best for each individual plant and tree on your property. Some of these specialists include agronomists, arborists, and soil scientists.


Landscape professionals are trained in the science, engineering and mastery of how to make outdoor living spaces enjoyable, beneficial for the environment, and aesthetically pleasing. Generally speaking, they offer one-stop shopping for all your maintenance needs. For example, if you need your lawn to look its best, a grass specialist is the person to call; if you have a tree in need of care, an arborist will do the trick.

Maintaining your property’s trees and shrubbery is critical to the overall health of your commercial landscape. Proper pruning, when done by a professional, prevents damage and disease, as well as keeps your landscape looking great.

Studies show that a beautifully maintained landscape increases workplace productivity and enhances the curb appeal of your property. BrightView teams deliver comprehensive maintenance programs for turf, flowerbeds and ornamental trees at apartment communities, corporate parks and retail centers. They also keep weeds and pests under control, so your landscaping looks its best year-round.